What Is the Best Baby Food for Babies?

My daughter completed 10 months on 6th January. I started giving solid food after she has completed Half a year. I have always chosen over give her อาหาร สำหรับ เด็ก 8 เดือน because i believe that homemade your meals are more nutritious and healthy. She's got two teeth one inch the lower jaw then one on the upper. She chews everything she gets.

If you are a new parent there should be lots of questions and concerns in your mind to what your baby must grow strong as well as what the safety guidelines are in terms of feeding your baby. Let's check out certain feeding and safety tips that you should always remember while feeding your infant.

Stay close to your little baby while feeding and don't leave your ex alone with food.
Baby under twelve months should not be fed honey or any honey product since it has the risk of infant botulism. Infant botulism is a type of food poisoning which may results in death because baby under this age doesn't have a matured gastrointestinal system.
Do not give hard food on your baby like nuts, chips, raw carrots, burger or any other items that could reason choking. Provide your baby whatever is mashed food or, food that may easily dissolve in your baby's mouth.
Don't store food which includes not been eaten through your child as saliva might cause bacteria growing in leftover food. So ensure to give fresh food to your baby.
Ensure to make or heat baby food on stove. Don't microwave food for the baby even when stirred properly as some area of the food could be hot and will burn your infant. Hence check yourself in the event the food is too hot or too cold before giving it to your baby.
Your baby needs fat at this stage hence do not reduce fat while giving solid food on your baby.
Until baby is old enough to clean his or her teeth avoid giving food which can be trapped in your child teeth. Always wipe your child tongue and gums with a wet wash cloth after baby has finished food.
Watch your baby while giving food in a vehicle as you may not hear your infant if he begins to choke.
Avoid giving allergens like egg, orange juice, corn pea nut butter to your baby.

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